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Answering queries raised so far

So we’re only a few days into the consultation and the response rate has been fantastic. The team have been out and about talking to people and there have been lots of discussions online, which is good to see. From all of this activity some queries have been raised and some technical glitches identified, which we have addressed. A consultation should always be an evolving process where we listen, learn and act to respond to queries raised, so we hope that the information below is of help.

These have been added to the FAQs on the website too.


How will the scheme be maintained to ensure it stays looking attractive?

The Council is committed to ensuring that the new Armada Way is well maintained and would become one of the flagship destinations in the city.

We are currently exploring all the different options for maintenance and the associated detail. A comprehensive maintenance plan will be published, along with the final design for Armada Way and all the associated costs, as part of the decision-making process early in 2024.

What is being done for people with disabilities? The pathways do not look wide enough of accessible for people with disabilities?

Ensuring that Armada Way is open and accessible to people of all abilities is integral to the design. The flat walkways either side of Armada Way are 6m wide, and 4m at the point where the existing trees remain by the play village, the pathway running through the middle of the scheme would be 2.5m wide. This ensures that people with mobility aids e.g. wheelchairs, will easily be able to travel and pass by others.

The play village has been designed to include equipment and spaces that are accessible to children with disabilities.

As part of this consultation, we are keen to hear from people with disabilities and ECF are working closely with local groups and organisations to invite them to have their say. ECF are also holding workshops specifically with people with disabilities and attending local events to promote the consultation.

How long will it take to build the new scheme?

Subject to the decision-making process in early 2024, it is hoped that construction would commence in the spring and would take approximately 18 months to complete. It would be undertaken in phases, to ensure that spaces are reopened swiftly when they are completed.

How is the proposed scheme being funded and how much will it cost?

We are still finalising the costs for the new scheme, and we won’t be able to complete that work until we have finished the consultation, considered all the feedback and made any amendments to the scheme that need to be made. The previously proposed scheme cost £12.7 million. The new, improved and more ambitious design is likely to exceed that. Some funding (£2.7 million) is from the Government’s Transforming Cities Fund (TCF). The Council has already committed £10m match funding as part of the TCF grant process. Any further funding will be from Plymouth City Council’s Capital budget.

Consultation Process

Will the ‘free text’ comments be processed?

All the information submitted as part of the online survey – including the multiple-choice questions and the free text will be considered as part of this consultation. No comments or feedback submitted via the portal or in the stakeholder meetings / workshops will be discarded or ignored.

I am not interested / or don’t like the proposed play scheme and want to make my views known.

We are aware that there has been some misunderstanding about the questions in the consultation regarding the play scheme. Question 12 asks people if they are interested in the play scheme and why.

For people not interested in the play scheme, they can select option F and skip through all the other questions regarding the play scheme to the next section. After question 12, none of the play scheme questions are compulsory.

If people have comments they would like to make about the play scheme and there is not a suitable option in question 12 – there is a comment box where all feedback can be included.

To avoid any further confusion, clear guidance has been added to each question.

Nature and Greenery

How fast will the trees grow?

In our nature and greenery section of this website, it includes detailed information about each of the trees. This includes the estimated height of each tree when planted. It is anticipated that on average the trees will reach their maximum growth in approximately 20-50 years (depending on their species). The CGI graphics in this consultation, show what the trees would look like when they are planted.

How tall will the trees be?

All the trees when planted will be at a height of between 3.5 to 8 metres (or 11 to 27 feet) and will be selected for their suitability for an urban landscape. They will grow significantly over time.

Who are our landscape architects?

The architects for the scheme are Studio Agora. The Landscape Architects are Rathbone Partnership and YGS Landscapes.

Why was translocation ruled out for the previous scheme and is now considered as a viable option?

In the development of the previous proposals for Armada Way, the council considered moving around 27 trees. Translocation was not considered viable for that substantial number of trees.

As part of this scheme we are only proposing to move six trees and we have spent lot of time over the past few months looking at how we can make it in work. We are proposing to move (translocate) the trees to enable the installation of the new sustainable urban drainage system, and the proposed 12-metre-wide cycling and pedestrian route through the centre. Therefore, we have commissioned experts to outline all the options and recommend how they think we can do it successfully.

We have not only looked at how we move them, but crucially we have considered their new home, and what we need to do ensure their survival.

Lighting and CCTV

How will anti-social behaviour be addressed?

Armada Way is currently dark at night and has gloomy hidden spaces and we hope that our exciting new lighting proposals will transform this space. We want Armada Way to have a a new, thriving night-time economy. The more people who are enjoying an area, the safer people feel.

By installing new CCTV cameras, and better views for existing cameras, we will be able to work with the police to ensure that areas such as the play village will not be a target for those wishing to damage or display anti-social behaviour.


Does the proposed cycle path stop outside Oggy Oggy?

No – the cycle path runs from the top of Armada Way (Copthorne Hotel end) to the Sundial.

To download a PDF of the full route, go to: Cycle Path and Mobility Hub

The cycle path will be clearly marked with signage and grey coloured paving throughout.

Posted on 20th October 2023

by ECF