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Over 200 trees proposed to spruce up Armada Way

For those pining for more mature, taller trees on Armada Way, the Council has listened and more than 200 trees now feature in its current proposals for the scheme.

The plans, which are currently being consulted on, propose a total of 202 trees in the north of Armada Way (between Royal Parade and North Cross Roundabout). Whilst many of these would be new trees, we have also found a way to keep the majority of the trees that were due to be felled earlier this year. The new proposals include a considerably higher number of trees on Armada Way – which was 153 before the felling and 174 trees in the original, now scrapped, design.

All the trees when planted will be at a height of between 3.5 to 8 metres (or 11 to 27 feet) and will be selected for their suitability for an urban landscape. They will grow significantly over time.

The principle of ‘right tree, right place’ has been integral to the design. And, following feedback from local environmental groups, species have been carefully selected so that they can thrive in an urban environment and changing climate. Some have been picked for particular wildlife appeal and others for their shady canopy or beautiful blossom and leaves. Species include; Field Maple, Gold and Himalayan Birch, Scots Pine, Love Tree, Silver Birch and Norway Maple.

To see the proposals and have your say online, go to: Let's Talk Armada Way

To hear about the vision for the trees from Adam King, Landscape Architect, YGS go to: Vision for the trees

To read the full press release from Plymouth City Council go to: Over 200 trees proposed to spruce up Armada Way

Posted on 2nd November 2023

by ECF