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Smart system to stop city centre pollution flowing into the Sound

Safeguarding the city centre from the risks of future flooding and reducing the amount of pollution flowing into the Sound, are the main benefits of the new water management system proposed for Armada Way.

The sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) proposed for Armada Way has been recognised by the Environment Agency as a smart and sustainable way of reducing pollution, easing pressure on the local sewer system and re-using rainwater to water plants and trees.

As part of the current consultation on the proposals for Armada Way, Plymouth City Council is proposing an innovative system that would use rain gardens along Armada Way and huge underground storage tanks. These tanks would fill with rainwater after being filtered through a series of natural reed beds. The water would then be recirculated around Armada Way through an ornamental stream, which would run the length of the proposed scheme.

The system would be powered by new solar canopies based at Place de Brest, and on either side of the toilets. This is part of the new administration’s commitment to boost renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

To learn more about the SuDS scheme go to: Understanding the SuDS scheme

To read the full press release from Plymouth City Council go to: Smart system to stop city centre pollution flowing into the Sound

To see the proposals and have your say online, go to: Let's Talk Armada Way

The schematic of the proposed SuDS plan can be found on the final page of the Armada Way Tree Translocation Assessment document. This document can be found at the bottom of the Nature and Greenery page here.

Posted on 17th November 2023

by ECF