A Destination Play Village


A destination play village to attract families into the city centre

The aim is to provide a free local play space for families with children of all ages, so that they can shop, sit, relax and play.

Looking north across the central path towards children’s play village and increased number of dancing jets
View across towards Specsavers showing new planting with treehouse play space, children’s play rill equipment and new planting including reed beds
Looking across from the Central Library beyond the food and beverage spaces and topiary canopy trees towards the children’s play village which stretches from Mayflower Street to beyond Place de Brest

How big is the proposed play village?

The proposed scheme features a destination play village at the heart of the city centre at a staggering 1,120 sqm in size – the equivalent to nearly five tournament tennis courts, making it one of the largest city centre play spaces in the country!

Why does the scheme include a play village?

It is hoped that the proposed play village will give people a local and convenient option for entertaining their children for free and will therefore encourage more families into the city centre and onto Armada Way, while supporting local businesses at the same time. 

What will the proposed play village contain?

It will be space for children of all ages, with a separate, secure toddler play area.  Young explorers can climb, swing, balance, run through water jets and build imaginary worlds in the natural habitats of the ‘play village’. There will also be plenty of seating throughout.  

A sensory play zone will be located within a quiet area for those children that appreciate it and accessibility will be a key element of the design for those with disabilities. The public toilets nearby will be enhanced, and we will seek to install new baby change rooms and disabled facilities. Some of the historic chess boards from the original Braille Garden will also be repurposed and positioned with new seating across from the play space, to give a grown-up recreational area.

How will families help to shape what is in the play village?

We are surveying people and asking for their feedback regarding the play village and, in addition, we’re holding workshops with children and adults to understand how they might use the space and what else should be taken into account with its design.

The play village will benefit local families, visitors and businesses along Armada Way.