Why Are We Consulting?


Where are we now?

We understand the depth of feeling surrounding the previous Council Leader’s decision to fell the trees on Armada Way and we are trying to move forward and create a city centre we can all be proud of.

On 19 May 2023, the new leader of Plymouth City Council, Councillor Tudor Evans OBE, set out his firm intention to rescue, reinvigorate and renew the city centre and reunite a divided city. Within hours of becoming the Leader he overturned the original decision in relation to the scheme and asked officers to come forward with new options to regenerate Armada Way.   

What process has the Council gone through to develop this new proposed scheme?

  • The Council is not starting with a blank sheet of paper to create the proposed scheme.   
  • We have listened and taken on board previous feedback (including concerns expressed about felling of any of the existing trees), and are now we are presenting a scheme that has been revised to incorporate more trees and greenery, more recreational space, a large play space, improved pathways for walking and cycling and to ensure it has a sustainable lifespan.
  • The new scheme has been designed taking into account feedback from a number of engagement exercises starting in 2018 as part of the Better Places consultation, through to Spring 2023.  
  • A consultation was held regarding the previous scheme in February 2023. 
  • Feedback from that consultation included: 
    1. Retain all (or at least many more) of the existing trees
    2. Enhanced lighting 
    3. Sufficient supportive seating 
    4. Improved / more CCTV coverage 
    5. More colour to balance the grey of the city centre
    6. Adaptions to the cycle lane and cycle provision
    7. More habitats for wildlife 
    8. Improvements to play and active features. 
  • This new proposed design takes account all of this feedback, whilst keeping the key drivers for the scheme – the inclusion of an enormous surface water drainage system, improvements to accessibility, a new central cycle scheme and opening up Armada Way vista to The Hoe. 
  • The Council has assessed the feedback from the February 2023 consultation directly and not referred to, or taken into account, the final written report that was produced to summarise that feedback.

For more information about the history of this scheme, the previous decisions – including the felling of the trees and current legal action, go to: www.plymouth.gov.uk/armada-way 

The felled trees have been removed leaving a large space and now we need your input into the proposed new scheme for Armada Way, to make sure it’s shaped by those who will use it.

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How to get involved

If you really want to help transform your city centre and feedback on the proposed scheme, then please do make sure you get involved.

The consultation is live from 17th October to 28th November 2023. Please ensure your feedback is received by this time. 

How will the Council listen to people and groups?

The Council has appointed ECF to design, run and report upon the consultation as they design and deliver bespoke communications and engagement campaigns that help bring their clients and the communities they work with, closer together. ECF’s strategic expertise will ensure that the consultation process is transparent, robust and inclusive.

How to have your say in the consultation: 

  • Complete the online survey
  • Visit Central Library, 167 to 171 Armada Way, Plymouth, PL1 1HZ, to pick up (and return) a hard copy survey
  • Talk to one of our on-street team, (wearing purple Let’s Talk Armada Way tops)  
  • Visit one of the local businesses on Armada Way to pick up a postcard with the QR code 
  • Register for project updates by entering your email on the Latest news page here 
  • Email us at info@letstalkarmadaway.co.uk
  • Call us on 01752 946604

We’re also holding specific workshops with families, people with disabilities and elderly people.

Representatives of stakeholder groups are also being invited for 1-2-1 interviews.

We have also emailed Plymouth groups, organisations and forums to ask them to distribute information throughout their networks.

If you would like information in other languages or Easy read, please email us at info@letstalkarmadaway.co.uk or call 01752 946604.

We want to hear from as many different people and groups as possible, to make sure there is a representative range of feedback to help shape the proposed scheme for Armada Way.

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