Construction and Maintenance


Construction & Maintenance 

If the decision is made to implement the new scheme, when will the work start?

Subject to the current legal action and the process to take on board the findings from the consultation which will inform the final scheme, it is hoped that the work will start in the spring 2024.

How long will it take to build the new scheme?

Subject to the decision-making process in early 2024, it is hoped that construction would commence in the spring and would take approximately 18 months to complete. It would be undertaken in phases, to ensure that spaces are reopened swiftly when they are completed. 

There are a number of things that can affect the overall length of scheme including the availability of materials, the ground conditions and the weather. 

In what phases will the construction take place?

Construction projects often create disruption, but Armada Way is a bustling commercial and retail area, so it will be critical to minimise disruption whenever possible. That is why it is critical to ‘phase’ the development and build a section at a time. When a final design is agreed, a phasing plan will be created. 

Once built, what is Plymouth City Council’s commitment to maintaining the scheme?

The Council is committed to ensuring that the new Armada Way is well maintained and would become one of the flagship destinations in the city. 

We are currently exploring all the different options for maintenance and the associated detail. A comprehensive maintenance plan will be published, along with the final design for Armada Way and all the associated costs, as part of the decision-making process early in 2024.

How will the maintenance be funded?

The Council will allocate funds from its budget to maintain it, as it does for all public spaces and parks around the city. This is a high-profile location and a flagship scheme. As with previous similar initiatives, we would explore ways to find other sources of funding, such as by allocating S106 funding (money paid to the Council by developers for new developments). 

How will the trees and plants be maintained?

We have been working with our Street Services team on an enhanced maintenance scheme for the planting and hard surfaces.  The trees that we will select, coupled with the fact they will be watered through the sustainable drainage system, should mean they require less maintenance.

What will be done to encourage new businesses onto Armada Way?

The Council is eager to attract new businesses to Armada Way and around Plymouth. A flagship project like this, which will significantly improve the look and feel of Armada Way, will draw footfall. Increased footfall will, in turn, stimulate new business. 

What is being done to improve the buildings on Armada Way?

We have already made significant progress working with partners at Historic England to help landlords clean up exteriors of key city centre buildings. One recent example is the landmark Pearl Assurance building at the corner of Armada Way and Royal Parade. Click here for more information. 

We hope that the success of this clean up scheme, coupled with the significant improvement this project will bring to Armada Way, will encourage other landlords to improve their properties and entice new business and opportunity.