Lighting and CCTV


Making it a safe, well-lit and accessible

Anti-social behaviour has been an issue on Armada Way, which has made people avoid the city centre at times, especially at night.

What lighting is included in the proposed new scheme?

  • The new scheme will include much improved lighting at 12 and 15 metres high running down the length of Armada Way, to improve safety and lengthen the time people feel happy to spend in the city centre.  
  • There will also be feature lighting projecting patterns and colours onto the ground, in addition to up-lighting on the trees and along the stream and planted areas.

How will the CCTV be improved?

  • An enhanced CCTV system will also be installed, and the trees will be planted in a way that will enable clear viewing corridors to discourage anti-social behaviour.
  • In the past, the trees masked the CCTV viewing lines so that shoplifters could not identified. Other antisocial behaviour occurred under the trees which made some people feel unsafe and discouraged them from the city centre.

How are you ensuring that the scheme is accessible for older people and people with disabilities?

We’re reaching out to established local groups and organisations to ask for feedback, in addition to holding a number of workshops with older people and people with disabilities so that they can give more detailed feedback.

We hope that the improved lighting and CCTV system, will make Armada Way a safer place for all day and night.