The Proposed New Scheme


Vision for the proposed regeneration of Armada Way

View looking north across Armada Way close to the Coach Station showing food and beverage spaces, cycle path and stream and new planting
View looking toward the sundial and House of Fraser including new wide footways, lighting, flexible space with seating, solar canopies and new planting
View looking south along the central path through the new Place de Brest, with solar canopies, new covered seating, lawned areas and planting
Looking north across the central path towards children’s play village and increased number of dancing jets
View across towards Specsavers showing new planting with treehouse play space, children’s play rill equipment and new planting including reed beds
View looking towards North Cross of the new amphitheatre and piazza space with restored Phoenix fountain and new planting

This is an exciting opportunity for those who live, work or own a business in Plymouth, to reclaim, reinvigorate and renew Armada Way, creating a space that brings life back to the heart of the city.

  • Recapture the scale and grandeur of Armada Way – providing a gateway to the city centre, linking the train station to The Hoe. 
  • More trees and greenery – it is proposed there will be 50 more trees than there were previously on Armada Way (before the felling). The new trees will all be 3.5 to 8 metres high when planted, to give immediate environmental benefits and a canopy to provide cover.  
  • Helping wildlife and nature – there will be a variety of trees providing a range of habitats, shrubs, wildflowers and reed beds, as well as bug hotels and bird boxes.
  • Huge play village for families – a destination play village is proposed that will be the size of five tennis courts, full of spaces to run, splash, balance, swing, climb, relax and sit, for children of all ages and their carers/parents to enjoy. 
  • Working smartly to deal with the city’s rainwater – a new surface water drainage system will be included, powered by solar panels to make it sustainable. It will recycle the water to maintain the plants and trees. 
  • Improved safety for all – we’re proposing the installation of 12 and 15 metre high lighting throughout and feature lighting to up-light plants and create patterns on the ground.  A much-improved CCTV system and clear views across Armada Way will help to deter anti-social behaviour.  
  • Places to sit, relax and eat – there will be spaces for 500 people to sit.  
  • Cycling path for people of all abilities - a new cycle path is proposed to cater for cyclists of all abilities, with cycle racks and Beryl Bike hubs.
  • Pop-up spaces with water and power – pop-up spaces will be available for retail, arts and entertainment.

All the images of the proposals in this consultation, show what Armada Way would look like on initial completion e.g. the heights of the trees are accurate from planting, they will grow much more over time.

Slide the image below to see the transformation of Armada Way in the new proposed scheme.

The proposed new scheme of Armada Way
Armada Way now

We really hope that the proposed scheme has something for everyone to make Armada Way an attractive, green and usable space. 

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You can find further information on the proposed new scheme for Armada Way in the PDF below. 

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Armada Way Information Boards.pdf
Armada Way Information Boards.pdf

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The below image shows the plan for the proposed new scheme for Armada Way. 

You can download this file to read in full at the bottom of this page. 

If you're using a screen reader and would like someone to talk you through the changes, please email info@letstalkarmadaway.co.uk or call 01752 946604.

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Check out the following documents

Proposed GA Masterplan.pdf
Proposed GA Masterplan.pdf

Why do we need to regenerate Armada Way? 

Shopping habits and how people want to use public spaces are changing and city centres such as ours need to evolve and adapt.

Over recent years Armada Way has seen a serious decline in footfall, with many empty shop units. It has features that are in dire need of repair and haven’t been updated since the 80s. There are areas that are unusable or inaccessible, with growing concerns over public safety, which have resulted in virtually no night-time economy. 

The area is dated, run-down and in serious need of investment. 

Our ambition is to bring a large amount of residential development into the centre, giving new leases of life to tired, vacant buildings, encouraging more people to dwell in and use the city centre both during the day and at night. 

The current Armada Way does not encourage investment or inspire confidence from developers. 

Plymouth City Council wants to change this and feels that Armada Way deserves investment to put it on a similar footing to other major city centres across the country.  

Original sketch proposals for Armada Way

“We have permitted ourselves the one monumental feature of the whole of Plymouth rebuilding – a great view seen from the forecourt entrance, across the shopping and civic centre to the Naval War Memorial on the Hoe…the vista will be the visitors guide.”   (A Plan for Plymouth, Abercrombie and Watson 1943)

To find out more about the history of Armada Way, go to: www.plymouth.gov.uk/aw-history